Hamvention 2018

Yaesu Hamvention 2018 Presentation (YouTube)
New WiRES-X Node Software (Courtesy AB8DT)
FTdx101D (Courtesy VA2PV)

Official Yaesu Pages

"Official" Yaesu pages are managed by Yaesu. They are the authoritative source for information from Yaesu. Read Moreā€¦

Fusion Links

Links to other Fusion-oriented websites
If you know of a link that should be added, let me know: k9eq at HamOperator dot com. 73

North America

DARC - Digital Amateur Radio Club (Minnesota)
LA Repeater (So. Cal)
Alabama Link
American Link Network (Links to Facebook)
Nebraska K-Link Repeater Network



"How To" For Your Own Balloon Launch

If you want to know more about doing your own High Altitude Balloon launch (HAB) check out THIS WEBPAGE.

2017 Eclipse Balloon Flights

During the 2017 solar eclipse, APRS tracked 244 balloon launches. A summary of the launches is presented HERE on the aprs.org site. One of the launches has a spectacular page with great photographs HERE.